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Scendo.Buon proseguimento
modern epistolary novel

Through an account of minor events, the ensemble of these written snippets recounts not only the progression of an illness that deprives Cesarina Vighy of the ability to communicate, but also the origin and writing of The last summer. In these emails, difficulties, disability, and pain go hand in hand with the self-affirmation and public success experienced by the author within the narrow confines of the room to which her illness have banished her. Standing out among the messages of love as power and the fruit of intelligence are the emails to her “long-lost daughter” with advice from a mother who has also been rediscovered. «Cesarina Vighy, last born of our great writers. And if you haven’t read her yet, consider yourself very lucky». elle

• Distinctive in its great narrative structure and striking irony, the collection has a close relationship with The last summer, sharing interesting notions about and a behind-the-scenes look at the world of publishing. • The description of moods and sensations fully gives rise to the figure of the author, a first-class intellectual capable of transforming personal anecdotes into a tale of more general interest.

Cesarina Vighy

Born in Venice yet having resided in Rome for decades, in 2009 she came out with her first book, The last summer, a novel that met with great success among readers and critics alike, winning the Campiello debut book award, the Cesare De Lollis Award and finishing among the five finalists for the Strega Prize. After a long struggle against als, Cesarina died on May the 1st 2010 in Rome
author: Cesarina Vighy
title: Scendo.Buon proseguimento
pages: 280
date: -