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Seven little suspect

Caught between Stand by me and It, fairytale and mystery, this is the initiation of seven teenagers to the real life in a summer that will change their lives forever. The inseparable group decide to rob a bank, they study the project in every detail, everything seems good to go, but right before their criminal debut, a real robbery, with real adults rubbers and real guns takes place. Finally, the imagination of these seven young kids and the entire town is rekindled at the reappearance of The Mexican, a sort of bogeyman whom the youngest children had already started to doubt his existance, as if he were nothing more than a collective dream, an eerie story based on local folklore.

• After Mia sorella è una foca monaca Christian Frascella returns with a heart-warming, highly, amusing novel. His first novel has been “a literary success the moment it came out in bookshops”.

«Keep an eye on those seven little suspects». vanity fair

«From debutant writer to acclaimed author». la repubblica


Moon/Dutch media Group • Netherlands

Christian Frascella

He was born in 1973 in Turin, where he works and lives. He’s an ex-military engineer, ex-factory worker and ex call-center operator.
author: Christian Frascella
title: Seven little suspect
pages: 292
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